Research Activities

Seminar Series

Italian Research Group in Geometry and Representation Theory

The Lab is a member of the Italian Research Group in Geometric representation theory with participants from several other Universities across Italy, such as the University of Pisa, University of Rome La Sapienza and University of Rome Tor Vergata. The main scope of the group is to coordinate a series of inter-university activities including graduate courses at the master and doctorate level, working seminars, and research meetings. Moreover, the group organizes the Italian Online Representation Theory Seminar in the forms of weekly online meetings.

GRT@Home - An online seminar series


Since the beginning of the CoVid-19 emergency, many mathematical activities and seminar series moved to an online format,and it is now possible to choose seminars not on the basis of location and membership, but mainly on the basis of research interests. The website of GRT@home is designed as a portal for the widespread community of mathematicians with interests in the interplay between geometry and representation theory. In particular, it features a list of seminars of interests currently available online all around the world.


The seminar is collectively organized by a large group of mathematicians led by Anton Mellit (University of Vienna). The members of the Steering Committee based in Italy are Andrea Appel (Università di Parma) and Francesco Sala (Università di Pisa).

Graduate Courses

Graduate Course on Yangians in geometry and representation theory

Inter-University Online Course (March-June 2021)


The course will be divided in three parts. The first part will describe Yangians and Quantum Loop Algebras as algebraic objects, focusing on their definitions (motivated by mathematical physics), their several presentations, and their category of finite-dimensional representations. The second part will focus on developing the necessary tools to study the geometry of Nakajima quiver varieties and the structure of their equivariant cohomology. Finally, in the last part, these two aspects will come together, showing the natural appearance of Yangians in the context of algebraic geometry, following the approach of Maulik-Okounkov which led to discovery of new kind of Yangians.

Conferences and Events

Young Researchers Meeting in Algebra e Geometria

Pisa, September 30 - October 1, 2021

This is the first of a series of events, aimed at strenghtening the national network of researchers in Algebra and Geometry with a special attention to young and junior researchers. The main focus of this event will be in algebraic geometry and representation theory. Supported by: INdAM-GNSAGA, Università di Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, Politecnico di Milano.

Quantization in Derived Geometry and Representation Theory

Cancelled due to Covid Emergency