• Continuum Kac-Moody algebras
    (with F. Sala and O. Schiffman)
    To appear in Moscow Mathematical Journal (2021).
    [ arXiv:1812.08528, 40pp.]

  • Quantization of continuum Kac-Moody algebras
    (with F. Sala)
    Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly 16 (2020), 55pp.

  • An explicit isomorphism between quantum and classical sl(n)
    (with S. Gautam)
    Transformation Groups 25 (2020), 36pp.
    [DOI] [arXiv:1712.03601]

  • Coxeter categories and quantum groups
    (with V. Toledano Laredo)
    Selecta Mathematica (N.S.) 25 (2019), 97pp.
    [DOI] [arXiv:1610.09741]

  • Uniqueness of Coxeter structures on Kac-Moody algebras
    (with V. Toledano Laredo)
    Advances in Mathematics 347 (2019), 104pp.
    [DOI] [arXiv:1508.01945]

  • A 2-categorical extension of Etingof-Kazhdan quantisation
    (with V. Toledano Laredo)
    Selecta Mathematica (N.S.) 24 (2018), 87pp.
    [DOI] [arXiv:1610.09744]

  • A DG-extension of symmetric functions arising from higher representation theory
    (with I. Egilmez, M. Hogancamp, A. Lauda)
    Journal of Combinatorial Algebra 2 (2018), 45pp.
    [DOI] [arXiv:1704.00713]


  • Universal k-matrices for quantum Kac-Moody algebras
    (with B. Vlaar)
    [arXiv:2007.09218, 67pp.]

  • Monodromy of the Casimir connection of a Kac-Moody algebra
    (with V. Toledano Laredo)
    [arXiv:1512.03041, 48pp.]

  • Quasi-Coxeter categories and a relative version of Etingof-Kazhdan quantization functor
    (with V. Toledano Laredo)
    This work is superseded by the two papers Sel. Math. (N.S.) 2018 and 2019.


  • Monodromy theorems in the affine setting
    PhD Thesis, [IRis]

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