Algebraic structures,
Quantization, and Applications

Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at the University of Parma




About Us

We are the Algebra Research Group of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science of the University of Parma. In general, our work traverses noncommutative algebra, combinatorics, and representation theory, often at the interface with geometry and mathematical physics. Specific research interests include:

  • Nearring Theory
  • Group theory, asymptotic problems and probabilistic methods
  • Heffter arrays and graph decompositions
  • Representation Theory of Lie algebras, quantum groups, Coxeter groups
  • Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras
  • Integrable systems
  • Geometric Representation Theory
  • Knots, Links and Braids
  • Higher category theory and categorification

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Forthcoming events

Ricercatori in Algebra e Geometria

Pisa, 30 Settembre - 2 Ottobre, 2021

Quantization in Derived Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory

Casa Matemática Oaxaca - BIRS
May 2-7, 2021
(Cancelled due to Covid emergency)

WE'LL TRY AGAIN FOR 2023, stay tuned!